Important information

Important information about the Welcome Week and the start of studies

The Welcome Week including the preliminary courses will take place from 04.10. to 22.10.2021!

To have a successful start to your studies, it is important that you register in time, preferably by 15.09.2021. Only then you will get your university account in time and can participate in all courses without problems.

This page will be updated as soon as possible with important and helpful information about the start of your studies.

Bärchenführer (Student Tutors)


Bachelor (Inf., WiInf., TI)

Bachelor (DigiTec)

Bachelor (WTM)

Master (Inf.)

Master (WiInf.)

Master (WTM)

Inf.: Informatik / Computer Science
WiInf.: Wirtschaftsinformatik / Business Information Systems
TI: Technische Informatik / Technical Computer Science
DigiTec: Digital Technologies
WTM: Wirtschafts-/Technomathematik / Industrial/Applied Mathematics

Helpful links for the Welcome Week

Form "First contact Welcome Week"

See also the official Welcome Week website

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