Stud.IP is the learning management platform of TU Clausthal. Here you can register for courses, create your timetable and download relevant course material.

You can find Stud.IP at

The following video should help you get started with Stud.IP.

Please note that the video refers to the bachelor’s in computer science (AFB 2013). If in doubt, please ask about the current implementary regulations (AFBs) of your degree program. The Bachelor of Computer Science has also received new AFBs.

The tutorial comprises the following parts of Stud.IP:

  • Log in to Stud.IP and the homepage
  • Search and register for courses
  • Detailed overviews of courses (files, schedule, participants and groups, wiki and forum)
  • Creation of the timetable and export / subscription to the calendar
  • Messages on Stud.IP
  • Community
  • Bulletin board

The video is only available from the TU network. To view, please connect to the VPN of TU Clausthal.

Events of the Student Council Mathematics and Computer Science

Students of Mathematics and Computer Science please additionally register for the course "Veranstaltungen der Fachschaft Mathe & Informatik".